As of January 2014, the EBRP is discontinued.

The program has been replaced by the Elsevier metrics development program.

For more information please visit the EMDP website.


About the BRP: general mission, goals

Elsevier's Bibliometric Research Program aims to enable external research groups or individual researchers in the field of bibliometrics and quantitative research assessment, to carry out strategic research using Elsevier data, and to present the outcomes in peer-reviewed journal papers and at international conferences.

How does it work?

External groups and/or individual researchers will submit research proposals via a submission system to the BRP's Secretariat. A Scientific Board, selected in advance, will evaluate the proposals and decide whether or not they should be granted. When a positive final decision is reached, Elsevier will create a specific dataset based on the proposal's specifications and send it free of charge to the applicants who are allowed to use it in their research.

Main subjects

The program aims to stimulate, facilitate and accelerate strategic research in the field of research assessment and bibliometrics that makes contributions to:

  • The development of research assessment methodologies, techniques and indicators;
  • Theoretical understanding and/or modelling of communication, publication, citation, usage (full text article downloading) as well as research evaluation practices in the various domains of science and scholarship.
  • The fruitful applications of bibliometric and research assessment methodologies in groundbreaking studies on research management- or policy-related issues.