As of January 2014, the EBRP is discontinued.

The program has been replaced by the Elsevier metrics development program.

For more information please visit the EMDP website.


Reporting to the Board

The applicants should submit a concise progress report to the Scientific Board every 6 months. These reports may contain text elements that can be used later in a full article. The best format is a research-in-progress paper that could in principle be presented at one of the international conferences in the field. The applicant must send a semi-final draft of the articles they intend to publish before submission to the Board for comments.

Publication of the outcomes

Publication of the outcomes

The applicants are required give presentations at the key international conferences in the field. At least one submission of one (poster or oral) presentation at an international conference should be made. The author/s should also agree to present their results via webcast and have an abstract presentation uploaded to the EBRP website


Any publication or presentation which is a result of this program will be required to have an acknowledgment section noting the EBRP in the following way: "The bibliometric datasets [please, further specify if necessary] analyzed in the research were provided by Elsevier within the framework of its Bibliometric Research Program".