As of January 2014, the EBRP is discontinued.

The program has been replaced by the Elsevier metrics development program.

For more information please visit the EMDP website.


Official call for proposals – to be announced

If you would like to be informed of when the official call for proposals begins, please contact us for more information

Submit a proposal

Submissions are to be completed through softconf, START Conference Manager.
For submissions guidelines please see below.

EBRP Submission Template

PDF Open/Download the template in PDF format (77kb)

Mandatory Information

  • The Title of the proposal
  • The Contact Applicant
  • A Complete list of applicants (Applicants are responsible for the part of the research carried out in their group/department, and shall sign the Custom Data Agreement with Elsevier).
  • Subject categories: a) Data source of requested Elsevier data; b) Research theme covered;
  • Proposal summary (max. 500 words);
  • Data specification of intermediary file requested (max. 500 words);
  • Full proposal (max. 10 pages);

The following formal criteria must be met:

  • Each submission must be written in English and indicate/contain:
    • A title;
    • A detailed information on the applicant;
    • A proposal summary not exceeding 500 words;
    • A specification of the requested intermediary dataset not exceeding 500 words;
    • The full proposal not exceeding 10 pages including figures, tables and cited references.

Proposals that do not comply with this template will not be considered.

The full proposal must include the following sections:

  • Introduction and theoretical background
  • Research questions and their significance
  • Methodology
  • Specification of intermediary data file requested
  • Members of the project team; for each member the name, institution, academic degree (Prof.; Dr, Master), role (Supervisor, PostDoc, PhD student, Computer Engineer), number of person months dedicated to the project, funding source.
  • Specification of the computer infrastructure available
  • The 5 most relevant publications by members of the project team
  • Time table and milestones of the project
  • Publication and conference presentation plan

Note: Proposals that do not comply with this structure will not be taken into consideration.

Examples of research themes suitable for EBRP submissions:

  • Communication, publication, citation, usage (full text article downloading) and evaluation processes in the humanities and social sciences.
  • Scientific mobility and collaboration: its measurement and use in policy oriented studies.
  • What do usage (full text article downloads)-based indicators measure?
  • The usefulness of basic science for engineering and innovation.
  • The creation and assessment of subject classification systems of scientific-scholarly research that account for multi-disciplinarily.
  • Determinants of research performance: which factors hamper or enhance the research performance of research groups or institutions in the various domains of science and scholarship?
  • Assessing the effectiveness of research policies: the use of S&T indicators to test assumptions and effects of particular institutional or national research policies.

It is possible to submit proposals also on other themes in the field of bibliometrics and research assessment. These will be evaluated according the same criteria as those covering a preferred theme. Proposals of high quality and viability and requesting appropriate intermediary data files will always be granted, regardless of whether they cover a preferred theme or not. But if the number of proposals with sufficient significance and viability is larger than the number that can actually be granted, and if the Board has to choose between two proposals with the same significance and viability, one on a preferred and one on another theme, she will select the one covering a preferred theme.